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American History

Meeting Details

Meeting Day3rd Thursday
Time2.00 - 3.30
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Mike Adams & Terry Lambert

What we do

We are a small group, slowly working our way through the history of this complex country.  We are working in roughly chronological order and each month, one or two of our members lead a discussion – usually on a historical event or period.  But we have also looked at broader topics such as language development, immigration and the relationship between State and Federal government.  This last topic keeps cropping up as the background to many of the events that have taken place over the last several hundred years

American history is the subject of so many stories and films that we think we already understand what happened – but maybe the truth has got lost in the myths.  For example, the session on Cowboys highlighted some common misrepresentations – if only in the clothing worn in so many of the films and TV programmes of our youth!


May 2018

We have recently held three very interesting meetings and our Christmas party in December.

We have had talks on ‘Dorothea Lange – Photographer during the Depression’ and ‘Andrew Jackson’, whose career in Law, Politics and the Army were destined to lead him to the Presidency of the US in 1828.

We have also had a talk on ‘The Broadway Musicals: A History’.

Future meetings:-

19 Apr - ‘Jambalaya Crawfish Pie File Gumbo’ - Malcolm McIver

17 May - ‘Atlantic Crossings’ - Terry McIntee

21 June - ‘Death Valley’ - Mike Adams

9 July - ‘19th Century Immigration from Europe/Ellis Island’ - Mary Christian

November 2017

We have recently had two very good talks given by members of the group on Susan B Anthony - US Womens Suffrage ,and George Bent - a man in two worlds (The White man's and the Cheyenne)

Future meetings:

July 2017

During the last few months the slow construction work at the Abbot Hall Social centre has meant using the United Reform Church hall for some meetings – hopefully the work will not last too much longer! Recently we have had two very good meetings on “The Civil War” and “Senator Joe McCarthy” which provoked considerable discussion

Future meetings:

March 2017

18 May: The Civil War – Jackie Hinton

15 Jun: Senator Joe McCarthy – Mike Christian

20 Jul: The Ku Klux Klan – Tom Watson

17 Aug: The Red Badge of Courage – Ben Goodman

A notorious influential senator, an epic novel, a civil war and a violent secretive organisation; talks, reflecting diverse aspects of a nation’s history. If any of them appeal, you will be welcome.

November 2016

19 Jan: The Roosevelts - Ben Goodman

16 Feb: The Oregon Trail - Malcolm McIver

16 Mar: Bermuda - Richard Bird

20 Apr: Unionist/Confederate? - Tom Watson

A range of subjects from an influential political family, to conflict of loyalties in the Civil War and from the early days of Western Expansion to influence in the Caribbean Islands - something for everyone. 

Previous Report - August 2016

15 Sep - Presidential Power – Mike Adams

20 Oct - Mount Rushmore - Terry McIntee

17 Nov - Arlington - Mary Christian

15 Dec - To be decided

As a group we have been going for seven years and are uncertain as to how to continue.

We may revive some of our older presentations for the benefit of our newer members, or examine some more general American themes rather than the purely historical ones.


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