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American History

Meeting Details

Meeting Day3rd Thursday.
Time2.00 - 3.30
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Ann Marie Clancy & Terry Lambert

What we do

We are a small group, slowly working our way through the history of this complex country.  We are working in roughly chronological order and each month, one or two of our members lead a discussion – usually on a historical event or period.  But we have also looked at broader topics such as language development, immigration and the relationship between State and Federal government.  This last topic keeps cropping up as the background to many of the events that have taken place over the last several hundred years

American history is the subject of so many stories and films that we think we already understand what happened – but maybe the truth has got lost in the myths.  For example, the session on Cowboys highlighted some common misrepresentations – if only in the clothing worn in so many of the films and TV programmes of our youth!


January 2020

Next Meetings

16th January.     "Go South Young Man" - Louisiana and the Gateway to the West - Ian Hodkinson

20th February.     Short History of Jazz - Ben Goodman

19th March.         Captured by Indians - Mary Christian

16th April.            To be Confirmed

21st May.             Alaska Earthquake - Good Friday 1964 - Terry Lambert

18th June.           J.F.K - Jackie Hinton

16th July.            The History of the State of Texas - Sue and Keith Duncan

20th August.       To be Confirmed

17th September.  To be Confirmed

15th October.       To be Confirmed

19th November.    Lindberg Summer - Ben Goodman

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