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Meeting Details

Meeting DayFriday
Time1.00 - 4.00
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Ian Hatton & Mary Simm

What we do

We have been very fortunate to have had a Bridge teacher, Philip Wraight, supporting us for more than a decade. Many of us have completed the English Bridge Union’s 2 year Course for Beginners under his tuition, providing the group with a regular supply of newly qualified players over the years. Sadly, he will be leaving us in the summer - we will miss his guidance and send him our best wishes for the future.

In order to encourage new members we would welcome anyone with some knowledge of the game to join us, if necessary providing a separate section for any learners who might initially prefer to play amongst themselves under the supervision of one of our more experienced players – eventually we hope everyone would feel able to join in with the rest of the group.

(Of course if there is anyone amongst the new membership of SLU3A who is a qualified Bridge teacher and willing to supervise a Beginners group on Friday afternoons, we would be very pleased to hear from you.)

We normally play ‘Chicago’, where we change partners and opponents after every 4 hands, but once a month we play ‘Teams’ when N/S and E/W play competitively against other teams. Anyone who is unsure about how to bid a difficult hand is encouraged to ask for advice - the emphasis is on enjoyment!

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