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Meeting Details

Meeting DayTuesday
Time10.00 - 11.30
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Terry Johnson

What we do

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Unfortunately learning calligraphy is a little bit like learning to play the piano. We wouldn't expect to be playing a concerto after just a few weeks and you would need to do the mundane scales practice. So the group is not yet ready to reproduce the gospels but members are getting to grips with the whole essence of calligraphy - whether it is to be able to write something in good calligraphic form or just to improve handwriting.


May 2018

Words continue to flow from pen onto paper but the group had a respite from their calligraphic pieces when, at the last meeting, we had a visit, a talk and a demonstration from Pip Hall - letter carver of Dent. A person who is truly making her mark in the locality and beyond.
The group saw images of just a part of her prolific output, saw “roughs” for the ideas/design stages of her lettering and a quick demonstration of the letter carving process with “tools of the trade”.This was a further insight into the wider world of lettering, which is all around us (and with some lovely examples here in our own town) and through which, those in the calligraphy group are connected.

November 2017

You can hardly believe that another year has gone by and the group continues. The “Town Hall morning” produced a number of enquiries about joining the group though some just never materialised. That does puzzle me.
However, enquiries still come - some from out of the region - as our Calligraphy group seems to stand alone, where there is none elsewhere. We have actually been going for 9 years now.

Our last meeting before Christmas will be at (or may have already been by the time you receive the Newsletter) my own house (a little thing that has developed) where we have coffee, mince pies, biscuits etc and calligraphic chat.
I usually invite a “guest” and this year it is John Davies, also a retired architect who can now concentrate on his print-making and he will talk to us about that.

I also enjoy our group meetings and it is still fascinating to watch the calligraphic progression of the group members and we look forward to MMXVIII.

July 2017

According to ‘The Times’ newspaper on the 22nd June - there is a new phenomenon sweeping the country and thousands of people are desperate to try their ‘hand’ at - guess what? CALLIGRAPHY - and even Prince Harry’s girlfriend is in on the scene proclaiming the wonders of this new craze.

Well - there you go and all the while, in the U3A in la’l old Kendal we have a group that has been patiently and quietly beavering away for the last 6 years - getting to grips with pen and paper and ink to produce all manner of lovely work, (not to mention all those guys from centuries before - obviously way ahead of their time).

The group stopped for a summer break and will be resuming after the Town Hall day, so, if anyone wants to ‘chance their hand’ at this amazing art form - we will be pleased to see you in September.

March 2017

The Calligraphy group progresses very well with a dedicated little group at various levels. As we could not use the Centre for our last meeting, I arranged for the group to visit and have a guided tour of Croppers Paper Mill at Burneside - paper being an important part of the calligraphic process.

We learned that this company is a bespoke mill and has some high profile client names for which they produce all manner of coverings for all manner of purposes. We were shown all the stages of production from intake of raw base material to the final rolls ready to be sent out and the various mechanical processes involved.

Not least amongst their products is the production of the ‘paper’ for the national Remembrance Day poppies. A finish with tea and coffee rounded off a fascinating insight into the history and working of a highly successful Cumbrian company

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