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Meeting Details

Meeting DayTuesday
Time10.00 - 11.30
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Terry Johnson

What we do

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Unfortunately learning calligraphy is a little bit like learning to play the piano. We wouldn't expect to be playing a concerto after just a few weeks and you would need to do the mundane scales practice. So the group is not yet ready to reproduce the gospels but members are getting to grips with the whole essence of calligraphy - whether it is to be able to write something in good calligraphic form or just to improve handwriting.


May 2019

Christmas may seem only a memory now but following a recently established tradition, our last meet of 2018 was held at my own house where we enjoyed coffee, mince pies, biscuits and general calligraphic chat.
It has also become part of this tradition that a local artist/craftsperson is invited to join us to talk about their own work and on this occasion it was Lynda Gray - a local artist - who gave us an insight into the materials and techniques
that she uses to produce her very individual and minimalist sketches and paintings; many of which feature places and buildings of local interest.
But now we have started a new year, with some new faces and some nice new ideas.

November 2018

We have just had another of our fortnightly meetings and one and a half hours soon seem to go.

"Get the angle on it “ and lots of creative thinking and writing produces lots of varied work.

After the Town Hall open morning, our numbers increased and so we have settled into a very interested (and very interesting) group.

I’m pleased to be part of it.


August 2018

Yet another U3A academic year has passed and we have now recessed for the summer. The most recent work by group members has included plans for "wearing purple" (later in life); an exercise in writing with pencils rather than pen and ink; we also now know more about the origins of the CUBIT; and how a simple prayer can be simply written for maximum effect.

The group re-convenes on the 11th September and if anyone would like to join us - please do. Make your mark !

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