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Meeting Details

Meeting DayWednesday
Time10.00 -12.00
LocationKendal Library
Co-ordinator(s)John Burrows

What we do

If you wish to play or learn please contact the coordinator. We can provide introductory notes and books if would like them. We provide boards and sets.  We do not take it over seriously - I guess our current standard is lower to middle club standard.


November 2018

Hunt about for us on the ground floor as we often have to move from the usual room immediately on the left as you enter. We now have 11 members with up to 7 attending so are able to match abilities better and offer more help and teaching. Boards and sets are provided.

We aim at people who would like to play chess but not think of joining a Chess Club, where you would generally play in the evenings. The atmosphere is light hearted and we are allowed to talk even though in the Library. We do not use clocks but have one if you would like to practice this way.

If you would like to learn how to play we can teach you. The rules are relatively simple and can be explained in about an hour. Improvement comes by playing. There are a lot computer programs for practice and teaching and many are free.

Wheelchair users can access the Library and there is a lift to get to the top floor if we are moved to there. Please contact the co-ordinator if there are any changes we might make to interest you.


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