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Country Dancing

Meeting Details

Meeting DayMonday
Time9.00- 10.30
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Alison Jones & Ann Robinson

What we do

Tdancing in progresshe main forms of country dancing are: circle dancing, longways set, square set and couple dancing. The couple dance first appears in Bavaria in the late 18th century and rapidly spread around Europe. The most famous couple dances are also the names of time-signatures: waltz and polka. Circle dancing is known from classical times. By the time of John Playford's “The English Dancing Master” (1651) it was a dance for everyone. The English term “Country Dance” was adopted all across Europe.

The longways set was the most popular type of country dance in the first edition of Playford's book. A line of males faced a line of females for as many as will. “Roger de Coverley” and “The Grand Old Duke of York” are among the most familiar examples of this kind of dance. By the 1820s it was considered old-fashioned.

We now have a repertoire of 20 plus dances.

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