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Writing for Pleasure

Meeting Details

Meeting Day1st Thursday
Time1.30 - 3.30
LocationMembers Homes
Co-ordinator(s)George Watson & Ann Quintilla

What we do

We are a small group of people who like to write, and we write anything we fancy from autobiographies, poetry, children’s stories, or purely descriptive articles to full–blown novels which may or may not be published at some stage. Our work can vary in length from a few lines to a few pages or more. We do not have a set theme.

At our fortnightly meetings we read our latest work, providing copies for other members which they take home and read again at leisure, and at our next meeting we will review what has been written and make helpful (we hope) comments on other member’s work.

We are all amateurs who just enjoy writing. If you like to write, why not join us?


May 2019

George Watson, the co-ordinator, has not been at all well in recent months having been admitted to hospital on two occasions and is now recovering at home. As a result, the last two meetings have been in a different location. We all miss George's erudite writing, comments and wry sense of humour and hope he will soon be feeling much better and back into our writing fray. He is planning on having a book of his poetry published. Watch this space!

All the members of this group enjoy sharing each other’s offerings which are extremely varied. In fact we have often said that even if the author’s name isn't stated we can determine who has written a piece as our writing styles are so distinctive. One of our group has been sharing his experiences of working on a farm in the early 1950s. This is so interesting and a piece of social history worthy of publication. Another has transported us to the Far East.

As space is limited in members’ homes we cannot accept any new members at present but if you are interested in joining us please email Ann. We have a waiting list.

November 2018

Since the Open Morning three new members – Gwen, David and Peter – have been welcomed to The Group, which means we are, at present, ‘fully subscribed’. We have, therefore, now got a little waiting list to which anyone can add their name if they wish to join us as and when the opportunity arises.
Please contact George, thank you.

August 2018

Fortunately the hot, dry weather has not affected the diverse wellspring of written pieces and comments that members contribute to the Group’s activities.

If there is anyone who would like to be a part of this fount of erudition, please don’t be backwards in coming forwards, you would be warmly welcomed whatever the weather!

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