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Writing for Pleasure

Meeting Details

Meeting Day1st Thursday
Time1.30 - 3.30
LocationMember's home
Co-ordinator(s)George Watson

What we do

We are a small group of people who like to write, and we write anything we fancy from autobiographies, poetry, children’s stories, or purely descriptive articles to full–blown novels which may or may not be published at some stage. Our work can vary in length from a few lines to a few pages or more. We do not have a set theme.

At our fortnightly meetings we read our latest work, providing copies for other members which they take home and read again at leisure, and at our next meeting we will review what has been written and make helpful (we hope) comments on other member’s work.

We are all amateurs who just enjoy writing. If you like to write, why not join us?


July 2017

Thankfully, group members continue to be totally unpredictable in both the subjects they write about and the way in which they write them.

Question: ‘How do you give strong and stable leadership to enable this coalition of chaos to function successfully?’

Please bring your suggestions – preferably written on the back of a full packet of fags – to one of our scheduled meetings and we can discuss them over an abundance of tea and biscuits. Thank you.

March 2017

Young folks, old folks, everybody come,

Join our little writing group and make yourselves at home,

Bring your prose and poetry and sit upon the floor

And hear creative writing you have never heard before.

We’ll make some comments on your work in a kindly sort of way –

We’re very good at acting if you choose to write a play.

We also have some chit-chat, share tea and bix together,

So please do come and join us if you like to WRITE FOR PLEASURE.

(Co-ordinator’s note: You don’t have to sit on the floor as chairs are provided.)

November 2016

In an attempt to accommodate the competing demands on members’ time, and ensure that the Group’s preferred modus operandi does not descend into irretrievable chaos, we have agreed, with effect from December 2016 to have one meeting a month – please see above for details.

Further information about the Group can be obtained by ringing George. (Tel. no. in Newsletter coloured centre pages.)

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