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Cycling (Social)

  Meeting Details  

Meeting DayMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
Frequency3 -4 times a month for each Group
Co-ordinator(s)Ed Mason, Peter Deaville and Phil Gordon

  What we do  

We meet several times a month on weekdays (except Thursday)

Lead Co-ordinator: Phil Gordon

Anyone interested in joining any of the following 3 cycling groups should contact Phil.

Following member agreement in January, the Cycling Group has been restructured for the 2020 cycling season in order to provide programmes of rides that better meet their requirements. The Co-ordinators of the three subgroups will be responsible for compiling the programme of rides and sending out ride details to their members. The new structure and details are set out below and will take effect from 4th September 2019.

Cycling (Gentle)

Co-ordinator: Ed Mason

Rides of 15 - 25 miles; moderate hills; leisurely pace (average 6 - 8 mph)

Cycling (Moderate)

Co-ordinator: Peter Deaville

Rides of 20 - 38 miles; some steep hills; steady pace (average 8 - 10 mph)

Cycling (Strenuous)

Co-ordinator: Phil Gordon

Rides of 35 - 50 miles; longer and steeper hills; faster pace (average 10 - 12 mph)



The recently published England Road Map for the easing of Covid-19 restrictions is provisional with the dates for each stage being the earliest possible.  Groups of up to 6 people might be able to meet outdoors with social distancing from 29 March and groups of up to 30 from 17 May.  At the moment we are thinking of resuming on a relatively informal basis with rides for up to 6 people which we will invite you to lead and will be filled on a first come basis. The next stage is likely to be more formal with ride offers being programmed as in previous years.

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