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Cycling (Social)

Meeting details

Meeting DayMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
Frequency3 -4 times a month for each Group
Co-ordinator(s)Ed Mason, Peter Deaville and Phil Gordon

What we do

We meet several times a month on weekdays (except Thursday)

Lead Co-ordinator: Phil Gordon

Following member agreement in January, the Cycling Group has been restructured for the 2020 cycling season in order to provide programmes of rides that better meet their requirements. The Co-ordinators of the three subgroups will be responsible for compiling the programme of rides and sending out ride details to their members. The new structure and details are set out below and will take effect from 4th September 2019.

Cycling (Gentle)

Co-ordinator: Ed Mason

Rides of 15 - 25 miles; moderate hills; leisurely pace (average 6 - 8 mph)

Cycling (Moderate)

Co-ordinator: Peter Deaville

Rides of 20 - 38 miles; some steep hills; steady pace (average 8 - 10 mph)

Cycling (Strenuous)

Co-ordinator: Phil Gordon

Rides of 35 - 50 miles; longer and steeper hills; faster pace (average 10 - 12 mph)


February 2020

In 2019 there were 53 rides (29 Group 1, 24 Group 2) attended by 494 members (compared to 610 in 2018). The reduced number of rides and participants was due to some poor weather and the absence of several regular riders due to health and other reasons.

At our December meeting, Paula and Martin Hudson were warmly thanked for their sterling work in coordinating the group over the past 5 years.

Following our restructuring in September, most riders have joined more than one group. The breakdown is as follows:

Total membership: 127, comprising 53 women and 73 men

Cycling (Gentle): 77 members, coordinator Ed Mason

Cycling (Moderate): 103, coordinator Peter Deaville

Cycling (Strenuous): 47, coordinator Phil Gordon

A programme of rides is in the process of being compiled in readiness for the start of the 2020 season at the end of March.

A car sharing initiative has been introduced to reduce our environmental impact, save members’ fuel costs, reduce the pressure on parking at ride starts, and allow those group members who aren’t able to transport their bikes to an out-of-town start to participate.

Our annual lunch took place at Kendal College on 15 January.

August 2019

Special thanks are due to Martin and Paula Hudson who are standing down as co-ordinators after doing the job so well for five years.

It is with much sadness that I have to report the untimely death of Mark Bailey in May. He was a very active member and will be missed by the very many people who knew him.

Up to the end of May there have been 17 rides with 157 riders and I wish to thank everyone who has either led a ride or has offered to lead one later in the season. Numbers are slightly down on the same period last year due to a combination of weather and some active members being absent for a variety of reasons.

May 2019

During the winter we held our usual group meeting, and 40 members enjoyed what is now our traditional January lunch at Kendal College.

Both Groups will be commencing their 2019 rides programme on Monday 25 March. Thanks are due to those members who have already offered to lead rides for both Groups during the year.

Unfortunately 2019 hasn’t started off very well for the Cycling Group, as within the last couple of months we have lost three of our members, Steve Buckley who was a Co-ordinator for several years, Andy Mason and Paul Stevens. They will all be missed.

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