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The Hanoverians

Meeting Details

Meeting Day4th Tuesday
Time10.00 (from 9.30 Refreshments)
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Terry McIntee

What we do

This history group started life in January 2014 as The First Elizabethans. In 2016, we morphed into the Stuarts. Like Dr Who we are ready to metamorphose again, this time into the Hanoverians. So, if you want to be in at the start of a new adventure come and join us.

Our attendance averages 16/18. Few of us are export historians. Our delight, in the true U3A tradition, is to learn together.

At each meeting a Member introduces a topic and this is followed by questions and discussion.

If you would like to join this friendly group, please give the co-ordinator a ring. All are welcome.


August 2019

Programme for the remainder of the year:-

Sept 24 - The Act of Union.

Oct 22 - Law and Order.

Nov 26 - The Winter Queen and Her Four Daughters.

May 2019

I wondered: 'What is History?' And sought the advice of one of the most famous historians, Edward Gibbon. He told me: "History is, indeed, little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind." Ah well! Perhaps that's why we find it so much fun! Come along and see.


April 23 - 'Europe and the Stuarts, or Six Wars and a Revolution.'   A presentation by Helen Pollard (postponed from Jan)

May 28 =  'A Medley' - short contributions from several Members.

June 25 -  'Queen Anne.' A presentation by Jackie and Stuart Hinton.

No Meetings July and August

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