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The Stuarts

Meeting Details

Meeting Day4th Tuesday
Time10.00 (from 9.30 Refreshments)
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Terry McIntee

What we do

When you read this the First Elizabethans will have been going for two years! It has been suggested that we should continue to meet as a group but begin to explore another period of history.

If you enjoy investigating our amazing past, do come along and add your two-penn’orth. You would be most welcome.


July 2017

We continue to be amazed, surprised, and occasionally horrified, by this fascinating period.

In May, Mary Christian presented 'The Royal African Company - The Stuarts and the Slave Trade.' Thanks Mary. Unfortunately I could not be at that Meeting, so thanks also to Jackie for covering.

Our June meeting was an exciting mixed bag -

'The Murder of Sir Thomas Overbury' - Helen Pollard

'Lady Ann Clifford' - Jackie Hinton

'Massacre at Glencoe' - Stuart Hinton

'The Siege of Lathom House in the Civil War' - Lynda Bond

This was a very successful Meeting. Thanks to all involved.


26 Sept: 'Samuel Pepys,' presented by Jackie and Stuart Hinton;

24 Oct: 'Painted Ladies,' presented by Helen Pollard;

28 Nov: 'Charles II's Other Women - Queens and Princesses,' presented by Mary Christian.

No Meeting in December

If you think this sounds interesting and would like to know more, give me a ring - or just turn up on the day.


March 2017

Religious tensions, a Civil War, the execution of a King! (And you think we've got problems!) This is a truly amazing period of our history. At each Meeting someone introduces a topic, which is then thrown open for discussion.

Interested? Join us. You will be made most welcome.

November 2016

‘The Sense of an Ending’

Did you dislike history at school? If you were anything like me you probably did. In this group we prove that history is not only interesting but also enjoyable and entertaining. Join us. You will find a warm welcome.

24 Jan - The Gunpowder Plot by Lynda Bond

28 Feb - Inigo Jones by Jackie Hinton

28 Mar - The Lost Prince and the Winter Queen by Helen Pollard

25 Apr - Aphra Behn and the Restoration Theatre by Terry McIntee

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