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Meeting Details

Meeting Day2nd & 4th Monday
Time1.30 pm
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Stephanie Lomascolo

What we do

We are an informal group whose members work to improve their knowledge of France and the French language. We use "Teach Yourself French" as a text book, and members also bring along a variety of materials to work with, including audio CDs.


November 2018

The novice group is friendly and informal. We keep busy sharing our experiences and ideas in French, listening to French spoken by native speakers, improving our knowledge of  French culture, history and cuisine using original texts - with some grammar thrown in for good measure. New members are always welcome. 

With at least 20 members in our Advanced French group, we have re-structured our time: we speak in pairs on a pre-chosen topic, summarize in large group, and read an article to discuss in small groups. It affords us a lot of time to converse in French. Our proficiency levels vary, and we teach each other.

August 2018

Acting Coordinator (to 24th September 2018): Jenny Harrison

Coordinator (from 24th September): Stephanie Lomascolo

Meeting Dates - 24th September; 8th and 22nd October; 12th and 26th November; 10th December 2018

Provisional dates for 2019 will start on 14th and 28th January.

The French group continues with two levels of proficiency averaging about 12 members in each group. New and continuing members for both groups are welcome.

The more advanced group finds challenging conversation and discussion on topics which are selected in advance by its members. Stephanie has kindly offered to coordinate this group, with Joyce Hallam acting as her Deputy.  Lynda Bond continues to provide great teaching support to the lower group, but this sub-group now needs to appoint its own co-ordinator to work alongside Stephanie.

We all thank David Tiffin for his dedicated work as coordinator for the past 9 years and wish him and his family well in their recent move.

A highlight of the summer term for some of us was the start of a new French Exchange. The French partners, ably led by their teacher Hazel Bracco, had approached SLU3A seeking a like-minded group. Particular thanks must be given to Bob Wells and Dominique Pluskwa (known to many at several centres locally). They put together an interesting and energetic 6 day-programme for the nine French people, their teacher and the English hosts. A lucky group of Les Anglais will be returning to Robion in March.

May 2018

Next Meetings - Apr 9 & 23, May 14 (note 28th closed for bank holiday), June 11 ---- Sept 10 & 24

The French group continues with two levels of proficiency averaging around twelve members per group. Various approaches are used to help us with our conversation and learning, involving everybody without too much pressure; we try to make it fun. Lynda Bond provides great support to the lower group, whilst the more advanced group have grown in numbers recently and continue to find challenging conversation on all manner of topics ‘French’.

New members are always welcome.

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