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Gardens (Mondays)

Meeting Details

Meeting Day1st Monday
Time10.00 - 12.00
Co-ordinator(s)Dorothy Holladay

What we do

We meet on the first Monday of every month in a different member’s garden, swap advice, plants, seeds and produce. We have a mix of experienced and less experienced gardeners and it has been both interesting and inspiring.  However, with 17 members this group is now over full.


December 2018

Dorothy Holladay has now taken over as co-ordinator for the group.

November 2018

The Monday Garden Group generally meets in members homes and gardens which is why we can’t take any new members at present.

We give each other ideas and usually have a session of topical tips .

This year we have visited gardens at some distance and especially enjoyed the Ford Park Garden at Ulverston, a charity run by volunteers which is a great community asset.

August 2018

The Monday Garden Group have booked the Art room at Castle Street for Monday 5th November 10 00 am for an open meeting. 
The speaker will be Dr Julia Piggott who runs a nature reserve at Brigsteer and runs courses on bees & beekeeping  ( The talk will be Sweetness & Light  the evolution of bees & the history of bee keeping in the U.K.

May 2018

The Monday  Garden Group has plans to visit both our own gardens and some gardens commercial or further afield in the current year. Because most of our visits will be to private homes we have no vacancies in the group.

November 2017

From 1st January 2018 Yvonne Langhorn & Mavis Aitchison will be our new co -ordinators  

We had an interesting Autumn with a visit to Low Fell West, Crosthwaite and a beautiful audio- visual presentation by Brian Gomm. 

8th January -Gardening in Spain  with first hand experience from 2 of our group.

5th February  Gardeners' Question Time,& topical gardening tips at a member's home. 

5th March Garden DVD at a member's home 

9th April    Plant & seed swap & a discussion about poppies.

 Our group is full at the moment.

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