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Inaugural Meeting

A new group is being formed based on reading and discussing books which explore how the modern world is changing, both domestically and internationally, be that the environmental crisis, the growth of consumer capitalism, the rise of China, the impact of social media and the internet, Brexit, Trump, tax havens and international finance or racism and the refugee crisis.

Members will take it in turn to select a book, which others can then read before the next meeting. The person choosing the text will then introduce the book and its main ideas, and lead a discussion.

Meetings will be on the 2nd Friday of each month at Castle Street Centre, 10.30 am to 12 noon.



Has continued to meet online using Zoom throughout the year, and enjoyed wide ranging discussions on books selected by members. Zoom is not ideal, but on balance most members feel that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. We expect to continue meeting by Zoom for some time, until social distancing regulations allow for comfortable group meetings indoors again.

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