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Literary Studies

Meeting Details

Meeting Day3rd Friday
Time2.00 (1.45 Tea/Coffee)
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Ed Mason

What we do

As a group we plan a programme of reading for up to about a year in advance. For each meeting a member introduces the chosen work, and this is followed by a discussion. The books we choose are mainly novels, both classic and modern, but, for variety, we may include a play, a selection of poetry, and/or a biography. We also have regular 'Own Choice' sessions at which members have an opportunity to discuss any book which has interested them.

We are not just a 'reading group'. We like to look in some depth at various aspects of the work in question, such as: How is it structured? What themes are explored? Is the description effective? Are the characters believable?

This is a friendly group and would appeal to anyone with a love of reading and lively discussion. We usually gather a few minutes before 2 pm and begin each meeting with tea/coffee and biscuits.

We try to keep down cost by borrowing sets of books from the County Library service, and by buying cheap, paperback editions.


August 2019

2oth September - Birdcage Walk, by Helen Dunmore

18th October - The Dark Circle, by Linda Grant

15th November - The Goldfinch, by Donna Tart

Although for once there was general agreement that “State of Wonder” by Ann Patchett, which we discussed in June, was “a good read”, it did instigate plenty of discussion, and the degree to which members “enjoyed” it varied considerably.

As from September I will be “retiring” as coordinator of the Group and Ed Mason will be taking over.

May 2019

Wed 17th April – Parrot and Olivier in America, by Peter Carey

17th May - Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

21st June - State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett

19th July – The Green Road, by Anne Enright

Traditionally we start the New Year with an “Own Choice” meeting when members talk about a book that they have recently enjoyed. It is always interesting and often provides an augmented reading list for the year. Following that, in February, The Glass Room, by Simon Mawer elicited plenty of lively discussion. We will be reacquainting ourselves with Iris Murdoch when we read “The Sea, the Sea” in March.

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