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Music Appreciation

Meeting Details

Meeting DayTuesday
Time10.30 - 1200
LocationUnitarian Chapel Hall, Kendal
Co-ordinator(s)Kathy Webster

What we do

Music Appreciation has a wide appeal. Our membership of approximately 20, ladies and gentlemen, brings to our sessions a variety of music, from classical to popular, which is both enlightening and entertaining. As well as listening, there is usually time for a short discussion.

We usually choose a theme, often relating to the time of year or a specific date: for example our February date is the 14th, so the theme will be, not surprisingly, romance!

Some members bring tapes or CDs, while others just come to listen and learn with others.

We have our refreshments at the beginning of the morning to sip while we listen and learn to a wide range of musical styles.


November 2017

As we resumed for the Autumn, average attendances have been around 12 but we still enjoy our mornings with the variety offered on the various themes. 

We will be starting the new year on 16 January  with  Seasonal  music  then on

February 13 the chosen theme is Solo Artists/Instrumentalists  On March 13 we will be focussing on the music of   Scotland  and on 10 April  we can indulge our Special Memories    

July 2017

Our membership continues to grow when recently we welcomed three new people to our group. Attendances are down though for various reasons but we still enjoy our mornings with the variety offered on the various themes.

This autumn we will be listening to and learning about:

12 Sep - Folk Music 10 Oct - Occupations 7 Nov - French Composers 5 Dec - Jazz

March 2017

As always we enjoy our mornings listening to music of many different varieties and learning where we can about composers and artistes.

These are the democratically chosen themes for summer:

9 May - Italian Composers 6 June - Film Music 4 July - Orchestral

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