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Meeting Details

Meeting DayFirst Wednesday
Time10.00 (refreshments from 9.30)
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Liz Kelly & Andrew Knowles

What we do

This is a study-group for interested amateurs, or retired professionals.

Our way of working is to select topics of interest and invite a member (or members) of the group to research the subject and then present with a talk of 20 minutes or so on that subject. The members are then invited to discuss and comment on the topic. As we are all learning to a greater or lesser extent an absence of previous knowledge of a subject is certainly no bar to taking on a presentation!

We encourage contributions from all but equally recognise that some wish just to listen. All views are welcome. Philosophers never expect to end up agreeing on much!

The following books may be useful for newcomers to the subject:


August 2019

We begin the 'year' with Roger Collinge addressing Adam Smith's theory of Wealth Creation (11 Sept)

and follow this with a visit from Sir Joseph Pilling (Chair of an independent commission on Referendums) who will cap the Brexit shenanigans with a session on 'UK Democracy - improving or getting worse?' (2 October).

After this our meetings will group around three major questions: 'Who are we at Now?', 'What is happening to Us?' and 'What is to become of Us?'. The format is: input, small group discussion and plenary feedback. It's all great fun (in a philosophical way).

All U3A members are welcome. If you would like to be included in the regular mailings, please contact Sue Venfield

May 2019

At each meeting we have input from one of our members, or a guest, followed by small-group discussion and plenary feed-back.

Recent topics have included (in descending order of difficulty): ‘The Frankfurt School’, ‘What the Greeks did for us’ and ‘Philosophy for Children’.  In the coming months we plan to tackle: ‘Trump and Brexit – lessons for Democracy’ (April), ‘Politics – the State we are in’ (May Day special), ‘Hume’s undermining of Reason’ (June) and ‘Adam Smith and the Common Wealth’ (July).

All U3A members are welcome. If you would like to be included in the regular mailings, please contact Andrew Knowles by email.

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