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Play Reading

Meeting Details

Meeting DayLast Tuesday
Time1.30 pm
LocationUnitarian Chapel, Kendal
Co-ordinator(s)Linda Wood

What we do

Our aim is to read full length plays although at times we have also read one act plays and sketches, some written by the Creative Writing Group. We vary our readings between classical and contemporary plays, comedies, thrillers, tragedies etc. As the majority of the group have been members of dramatic societies, they prefer reading a part rather than just sitting and listening.

The plays are chosen by suggestions from the members or the coordinator and given out at the meeting. We do not read the plays prior to our meeting. On some occasions members have to take more than one part when the play selected has a large cast.

If you just like to hear a play read, however, you are most welcome to join the group.


November 2018

2019 Meetings - Jan 29th, Feb 26th, March 26th, April30th.

In September we read Midsummer Mink, a comedy by Peter Coke. In October we read Separate Tables by Terence Rattigan and in November we will read a murder mystery.

The September Open Day brought an influx of new members who were very welcome but unfortunately I had to create a waiting list.

August 2018

Our group has continued to be successful.

In April we read Clerical Errors by Georgina Reid. In May we read a farce called Pardon me Prime Minister and in June we read a comedy by Noel Coward called I’ll Leave It All to You.

I hope to enlist more members from the waiting list for the September meeting.

May 2018

Our group has continued to be successful in numbers especially with two more men joining us.

We read a risqué play in January called ‘Flying Feathers’ which was about a house of ill repute and very funny. In February we read ‘A Doll’s House’ by Ibsen and in March we are reading ‘Good Old Summer Time’ by Leslie Sands. I think in April we will read a murder/mystery.

November 2017

Co-ordinator: Linda Wood (

We did very well at the Open Day in September but unfortunately this created a waiting list so please be patient.

We read Basinful of the Briny in Septenber, a seaside comedy by Leslie Sands and in October we read Murder in Play by Simon Brett, which speaks for itself. November reading TBA and in December we have our Christmas social get-together at 22 West Street. Helen has very kindly offered to host this meeting as I am unable to attend.

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