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Poetry and Prose Reading

Meeting Details

Meeting DayThursday
Time2.00 - 4.00
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Tom Thompson

What we do

Every month we choose a subject and our members bring two or three related pieces of poetry and prose no longer than five minutes each. There is a wide diversity of material and we enjoy the afternoon immensely. We broaden our experience of literature and enjoy other peoples tastes.

You are welcome to join the group as an active member or just come to listen.


August 2018

Whenever I think that we have chosen the wrong topic for which to find some excerpts to share with each other, I am constantly proved wrong! For example, at the most recent of our meetings we exchanged pieces of prose and poetry about “Loss”. Now that could have been immensely depressing, but not a bit of it! Instead we had some amazing contributions, some of which were quite light-hearted and made us laugh. So – you never know! Come and find out.

These are the topics for the autumn:

September 27 – The way we were ;

October 25 – Water ;

November 29 – Own choice.

And we actually start the meeting at 2 00pm!

May 2018

People come and go, but we have a pool of about 20 regulars, and have an attendance of 15-18 normally. So if anyone would like to join us there is always room!  

Those of us who come enjoy the sessions immensely and love responding to the choices people make. Reading aloud is lovely thing to do and is very satisfying. And listening to a variety of voices is interesting also.

The subjects for consideration for the immediate future are:

May 31 – Cultivation; June 28 – Loss; July 26 – Islands.

And we don’t meet in August!

November 2017

Our group still thrives, and has attracted a few new members. We continue to be amazed and enthralled at the variety of contributions offered at our sessions. Even when the topic is quite challenging people are very inventive! If anyone wants to come along, please don't be put off by that - you can just come and listen if you like. The atmosphere is lovely and peaceful, and sometimes people are quite moved by it. Pieces of writing, read aloud, have the ability to do that on occasion. Here are the range of topics and dates for the early new year - (we don't meet in December).

January 25: Time.

February 22: Conflict.

March 29: The Sea.

April 26: Travel.

Hope to see you sometime!

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