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Poetry and Prose Reading

Meeting Details

Meeting DayThursday
Time2.00 - 4.00
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Tom Thompson

What we do

Every month we choose a subject and our members bring two or three related pieces of poetry and prose no longer than five minutes each. There is a wide diversity of material and we enjoy the afternoon immensely. We broaden our experience of literature and enjoy other peoples tastes.

You are welcome to join the group as an active member or just come to listen.


July 2017

We continue to be a very cheerful and friendly group, always willing to try a variety of new topics from which we produce many interesting and stimulating pieces of poetry and prose writing to read to each other. The subjects we have chosen for the autumn are:

28 Sep Letters; 26 OctAnimals; 30 NovSurvival.

Come along and have a go with us; you won’t be disappointed! Or just come and listen – some do that also.

March 2017

We have had a number of new people coming along over the last few months, and so we have decided to reintroduce a drink to start our meetings so that there will be some time for us all to get to know one another better. A drink will be served at 1.15 p.m. before we begin to share our contributions. The group continues to flourish and it’s amazing how inventive members can be, even when the topic under consideration is rather difficult! We will continue to welcome new people along and are sure that you will find what we do very enjoyable and rewarding. The subjects for the next few meetings are:

25 May: Village Life

29 June: Transport

27 July: Food

We don’t meet in August.

November 2016

Since the last edition of the Newsletter we have had a number of new people who have joined this group, and they are all most welcome.

We continue to share a great variety of poems and prose selections with one another. Whatever the topic – and sometimes they are not the easiest! – it is amazing hearing what people have chosen to read. Rarely do we have people bringing in the same pieces. It is a great joy to listen to people read, and to learn about the authors they have chosen. What treasures there are contained in the world’s writings!

Our chosen topics for the New Year are:

26 Jan: Children; 23 Feb: Entrances and Exits; 30 Mar: Victorian Delights; 27 Apr: Mirrors.

Of course, if you do come, it is quite in order simply to come and listen!

August 2016

Whatever topic we choose for our group meetings, we always manage to produce some interesting pieces of writing! Recently I think that some of our readings have been stunning, both prose readings and poetry. And there has been immense variety drawn from both modern and much older writings. Some of the readings have been humorous, some serious, some intensely moving.

Our choices for the autumn group meetings are as follows:

29 SepColour 27 OctWindows 24 NovHumour.

Come along if you wish to take part, or give your name at the Open Meeting on 7 September You will be very welcome!

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