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The group is not just for collectors, but for those who may have inherited old cards, or saved those sent to them by friends and family. New members are welcome to join us at any time.

The first half of each meeting is an examination and discussion of cards related to a chosen theme, and in the second half we look at any cards which members choose to show us, either ones newly added to collections, or those newly discovered in old ones.

Occasionally we may attend postcard fairs sharing transport.


August 2018

I am afraid the Postcard group will no longer exist. I have had to resign for personal reasons from the group and will also resign from the U3A. We are down to a handful of members ( only four regulars) and nobody is prepared to soldier on. I waited until the last minute but it seems the decision is final.

May 2018

The group have had some excellent meetings, especially when new member, Rose, gave a very interesting talk and display on the history and early postcards of Ambleside. Earlier in the year Ann had given another interesting show with cards on the subject - Canals. The meeting in February had to be cancelled.


April – Isle of Man

May – Lakes & Mountains

June – Birds & Animals.

November 2017

Jan; To be arranged.

Feb. Isle of Man.

March; Occupations.

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