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Meeting Details

Meeting DayFriday
Time10.00 am
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Margaret Sutherland

What we do

This group is for those who are curious about human behaviour and enjoy lively discussions.

Our meetings include discussions led by one of the group, talks, invitations to outside speakers and possibly small study groups to investigate particular topics.


July 2017

We continue to consider a wide range of topics. (Those for Sep – Nov are being considered.)

In May, John Kincey gave a talk on Time Perception. It was fascinating and could be a subject that we’ll consider again.

In June, Mary Christian and Penny Scott led a discussion on Domestic Abuse. It was an excellent session, which not only helped us to understand the issues involved, but also to put into context recent changes in the law relating to abuse.

Our sessions are well attended, but we always have room new members. So if you’re interested human thought and behaviour, you’re welcome to join us.

March 2017

19 May - Time Perception

16 Jun - Domestic Violence

The psychology group continues to thrive. Recently, one of our members gave a talk about The Signed and Spoken Word. It was a fascinating topic on a subject that most of us had not considered before. It’s just a pity that we didn’t have more time!

Currently, we are looking forward to our April meeting, when we will be discussing ‘Personality Theories’.

Our sessions are well attended, but we always have room new members.

November 2016

2017 Meetings
27 Jan – Personality Theories
24 Feb – The Signed and Spoken Word
24 Mar – The Psychology of Time

In September, we considered the work of moral psychologist, Jonathan Haidt and his book ‘The Righteous Mind’. The topic in October was ‘The Psychology of Eating and Drinking’ - a very complex area and one which we are sure to return to again. Our subject for November is ‘Coping with Stress’ so together with October’s session we should be well set up for the festive season!

If you are interested in the ways humans think and behave and enjoy a good discussion, then why not come along and join us? 

Previous Report - August 2016

What makes us who we are?

Psychology is constantly trying to answer this question and puts forward a range of explanations as to why people think, feel and behave the way they do. But of course, just when we think we understand some of the answers, up pops new evidence to show a different side! So it’s a fascinating, wide-ranging and constantly evolving subject and the talks and discussions that we have in our psychology group reflect this.

If you are interested in joining us, the programme for next year will be available at the Open Morning in September.

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