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Science and Technology

Meeting Details

Meeting DayFriday
Time2.00 pm
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Mike Adams

What we do

Our meetings consist of talks by a group member or guest speaker, or visits to places of scientific interest. Each meeting is planned to cover a specific subject. Questions are encouraged as we go along to increase understanding. We welcome tackling any subject a member would like to raise and our interests range widely.

New members would be very welcome.

A geological field trip


August 2018

We have had a particularly interesting series of talks in April (An Earthquake study), May (The use of sound to help people see, or even ride a bike!!), and June (The Earths Carbon Dioxide balance)

Finally we must now say many thanks and goodbye to joint coordinator David Bryce, as he is moving to Nairn on 17th July - we wish David and Christine all the best for the future

Future meetings:

May 2018

We have recently held two very interesting talks on "Pi" (to which we probably reply "r Squared"), and "Water and Life". In March we will have a talk on "Weather Forecasting and Chaos" which is very appropriate!!

Future meetings:

November 2017

We have recently had two very good talks given by Members, on Ecology of Sand Dune Ecosystems, and Cleaning up the Thames - a Progress report. The latter was a fascinating update, complete with internet video demonstration of the ongoing huge civil engineering project which will update London's Victorian Sewage system.

Future meetings:

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