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Scrabble 1

Meeting Details

Meeting DayMonday
Time1.45 - 3.45
FrequencyTwice a month
LocationCancer Care Centre Kendal
Co-ordinator(s)Jane Wiseman

What we do

Members meet in a small group to enjoy playing Scrabble.
We are a friendly mixed group of between 7 and 13 people but have room for more members – complete novices or more advanced players. Do come and find out for yourselves. Have fun and learn more words and their meanings in the process.


November 2018

Next Meetings - 7, 21 Jan; 4, 18 Feb; 4, 18 Mar; 1, 15 Apr

Ont notreah proter! I ma nignurn uto fo ginths ot asy. Ew rea virthnig thiw yanm wen epopel oinjgin su. Mocptienotino si fire. Ew lal jenoy ti.

Work that out!!!

August 2018

Next Meetings -  3, 17 Sep; 1, 15, 29 Oct; 12, 26 Nov; 10 Dec

Numbers vary from 5 – 14. All are welcome as we have plenty of room, tables and games.

We regularly check that the letters in the games are correct. Seven letter words are rewarded with a chocolate!

I’m afraid we have no tea making facilities but then there is no time for tea. We usually manage to play 3 games in 2 hours and many members score 600 points. There are several very good players but don’t be deterred by that as we also help one another.

May 2018

We have acquired new members who are joining in well. Usually 3 games are played with two tables of 4 and one of 3.

Players are not allowed to search for words in the Scrabble dictionary. That book is only used if a word is challenged. It’s amazing how many made-up words are in it! I’m quite good at that!!!

Everyone enjoys the friendly atmosphere of our group. New members are welcome.

November 2017

2018 Meetings - 8, 22 Jan; 5, 19 Feb; 5, 19 Mar; 16, 30 April

24 and sometimes 28 eyes down. 7 letter words abound. Help!! I’m running out of chocolates.

Our group is thriving with many excellent players. Long may it last.

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