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Scrabble 2

Meeting Details

Meeting DayTuesday
Time2.00 -4.30
FrequencyTwice a month
LocationMember's home
Co-ordinator(s)Jean Reynolds

What we do

Members meet in a small group to enjoy playing Scrabble.


July 2017

During the last few months, two members of our group have each managed to score 96 in one go!  We have also managed several 7 letter words and most of our games reach a total score of well over 500. Our sessions are competitive but friendly and great fun.

March 2017

Every session each player totals their combined scores of the games played and the overall winner is then declared. At the first meeting in January, Joan Bullock was declared the grand winner for having the most overall wins in 2016. So this year one member was the winner for the very first time.

We all continue to score as well as we can and learn new words and their meanings in the process.

No meetings in August

November 2016

Our Scrabble group looks forward to the challenges of 7 letter words and using J, Q, X and Z on the triple letter spaces.

Our scores continue to improve and out half-time tea and chat makes our Tuesday sessions very enjoyable.

2017 Meetings: 10, 24 Jan; 14, 28 Feb; 14, 28 Mar; 11, 25 April

August 2016

Our summer Scrabble sessions have been fun and we have maintained our target of achieving a total score of more than 500 in each of our games.

The top individual score for the two games played in a session is 449 so far this year so everyone is trying had to beat this before the end of 2016.

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