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Tai Chi

Meeting Details

Meeting DayFriday
Time10.15 -11.30 (Advanced) 11.45 -12.55 (Improvers)
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Jane Willis

What we do

The Tai Chi group began in April 2005, with new intakes in September 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012. We play the Cheng Man Ch’ing ‘Short Form’ Tai Chi sequence – a slow tranquil flow of moving postures in a set sequence that takes around ten minutes.

Learning Tai Chi is a bit like learning the piano - you need to set aside time to practice daily, even if it's only for ten minutes. Once you have got to the point where you can remember the sequence, then you can enjoy playing the form in different ways. Regular practice of Tai Chi not only helps to keep you flexible and to improve balance and co-ordination, but also relieves stress, bringing calmness and tranquillity into our lives.

Each class begins with warm-up exercises which illustrate basic principles of Tai Chi. We then play what we know of the Form together, revise the new posture we learnt the previous week before going on to begin the next posture in the sequence. There is always plenty of time for individual practice and questions. In the Improvers Group we also try out new sequences. You might like to read the feedback from some members of our current Improvers group on their experiences of playing Tai Chi. Some brief feedback statements from a previous Beginners Group can be read here.

There is a Handbook and other downloadable material available for purchase from my own teacher, Alec Jones (Dragon Spring Taiji), which people find really useful for background information and revision; especially if you have missed a session or two.

If you have never played Tai Chi before and would like to begin, please contact Jane Willis on 01539 723223.


November 2018

In summer 2018 I attended two Tai Chi events – a week at Stirling University with some inspirational teachers, organised by Tai Chi Caledonia, and a long week-end with my original tutor at Dragon Spring Tai Chi School near Hereford.

So, back in Kendal, in both groups we have been trying out new Qi Gong sets and incorporating new insights into our Tai Chi Forms. We have enjoyed a joint session with other Tai Chi players and their tutor, and plan to celebrate Chinese New Year (it will be the Year of the Pig) early February with a Jacobs Join and a review of the many different forms we have learnt, including a Fan Form. In 2019 we resume on Friday January 4th and continue to March 29th.

August 2018

Next Meetings - 7 Sep – 21 Dec

We resume in September inspired by what I learnt at Tai Chi Caledonia in the summer.

May 2018

Both Tai Chi groups are still flourishing, now into their 6th and 8th /10th years.  We pick up again after Easter on the last Friday in April and go through to the end of July.  We hope to be able to play some Tai Chi in the Park.  Any beginners wanting advice on starting Tai Chi – give me a ring! 

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