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Books on Tuesday

Meeting Details

Meeting Day3rd Tuesday
Time10.00 am
LocationCastle Street Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Nancy Field

What we do

Each month we talk about a particular book. The discussion is usually led by a member who gives us a criticism of the book and invites the views of others on its key elements. Emphasis is on the content of the book, its themes, characters, credibility etc., which are considered in depth. We are all happy to give our individual opinions and the atmosphere is friendly and lively.

We have a varied selection of books, not only modern novels but also classics, biographies, poetry, even politics. Often a book will have been recommended by a member. Many are loaned free from Carlisle library and distributed at the preceding meeting or else they are easily obtainable. Unfortunately, to enable members to contribute properly to the discussion, we can have a maximum of only 12 members.


November 2019

We have decided to change our name from 'Tuesday Book Club' to 'Books on Tuesday'.  We hope that this makes us easier to find on the Groups List.

PROGRAMME FOR 2020 - asterisked books are available for loan from Carlisle Library

21st JANUARY - Members’ recommendations for next year.

18th FEBRUARY - “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” * by Richard Flanagan, led by Catherine. The story of Domingo Evans, an Australian doctor haunted by a past love affair and his experiences as a Japanese POW.

17th MARCH - “Hangover Square” by Patrick Hamilton, led by Wendy. Set in 1939 Earl’s Court it is a black comedy with the themes of social inequality, the rise of fascism and the impending war.

21st APRIL - “The Loney” * by Andrew Hurley, led by Alison. A man reflects on his childhood and his experience of the Loney, the wild area of coastline between the Wyre and the Lune.

19th MAY - “ Educated” * by Tara Westover, led by Stella. The American author recalls how she grew up within her troubled family and their Mormon community.

16th JUNE - “ Guernica” by Dave Boling, led by Bob. Portrays residents of the Basque town as they try to go about their lives during the horror of the Spanish Civil war.

21st JULY - “In the Heart of the Sea” by Nathaniel Philbrick, led by Nancy. Chronicles the true events which inspired the novel Moby Dick.

15th SEPTEMBER​ “Pereira Maintains” by Antonio Tabucci, led by Wendy. A journalist for a Lisbon paper becomes increasingly concerned at the behaviour of the fascist government of Antonio Salazar.

20th OCTOBER - “ East of Eden” * by John Steinbeck, led by Marion. Set in California it concerns the Trask and Hamilton families and their interwoven stories.

17th NOVEMBER - “ The Noise Of Time” * by Julian Barnes, led by Margaret. Did Shostakovich compromise his soul by selling out to Stalin and the communist regime?

August 2019

September 17th - All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Eighty years ago Britain declared war on Germany.  Set during WW2 this book is about a hidden diamond, a blind French teenage girl helping the Allies and the teenage German boy tasked with finding and destroying her.

October 15th - The Dark Flood Rises by Margaret Drabble

"Old age, it's a fucking disaster" thinks Francesca who does her best to avoid it by a relentless round of activities. This book will make you ponder on your own experiences and hopes as we all grow older.

November 19th - Disobedience by Naomi Alderman

When the rabbi of a close knit London community dies his daughter has to return to face disapproval for having rejected their way of life.

No meeting in December

May 2019

Next Meetings

May 21st - The Quiet American by Graham Greene

Veteran British journalist Thomas Fowler narrates his experiences of Vietnam, his relationship with his lover Phuong and their involvement with Alden Pyle, a young CIA agent working undercover.  The growing participation of the United States in Vietnam is considered through the attitudes of the different characters.  The novel, which was published in 1955, is famous for its criticism of U.S. foreign policy and prediction of the Vietnam war.

June 18th - The Inheritors by William Golding

You are probably familiar with Golding's masterpiece, The Lord of the Flies.  The Inheritors also concerns a group, here a band of Neanderthals. As we get to know them we begin to understand their way of life and become increasingly concerned for their future when they come upon their rivals, homo sapiens.

July 16th - Swing Time by Zadie Smith

In childhood the unnamed narrator and Tracey are the best of friends. As they grow older life and their different personalities result in their seeking different futures.  A story of reinvention the novel also questions whether society's urge for people to better themselves benefits the individual concerned.

If you would like to join us please contact me

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