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WELLBEING (Physical, Mental & Spiritual)

A new Group for all who seek a path to health, happiness and a flourishing life. We'll enjoy an extraordinarily eclectic range of Events including Food & Diet; Exercise:  Lifestyle: Philosophy: Environment: Psychology: Meditation: Medical; Book Club; etc. Not forgetting loads of eating, socialising, friendship and fun!


October 2019

SIX BASIC FIRST AID COURSES (Oct & Nov). Instruction from RED CROSS & LAKES MEDICS at Abbot Hall Social Centre and Stonecross Manor Hotel (includes Lunch). Private Events.
ALL SIX COURSES (87 places) FULLY BOOKED. Now booking for next year's First Aid Courses at approx 50% DISCOUNT on Lakes Medics and Red Cross Standard Charges.

DOCTORS PROJECT. We're starting small but we're spreading this throughout the area. Ask me!

Donald Potter     015395 64268

August 2019

BASIC ONE-DAY FIRST AID COURSES will be run in conjunction with slu3a committee. available to members from all groups and to their friends.

BASIC ONE-DAY COURSE NO.1. for 15 members (private event). provided by 'lakes medics' at Abbott Hall social centre (main room), Kendal, Tues 17 Sep: Tues 15 Oct: Tues 29 Oct. (choose one). 10am-4pm. cost £22. Good kitchen facilities; bring your own food or use local eateries.

BASIC ONE-DAY COURSE NO.2. for 15 members (private event). provided by the Red Cross at Stonecross Manor Hotel, Kendal. a total of three Mondays in Oct/Nov (choose one). Dates tba. similar course to no.1. above. £34 includes hotel light lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments.

AND A WORD FROM OUR COMMITTEE - Both these Courses will provide a good basic knowledge of First Aid. Your Committee hopes that all Members, and you're welcome to bring a friend, will take this opportunity to attend a Course which may save their lives and those of others. We feel it's especially important that co-ordinators and members of the Walking Groups and 'Memorable Experiences' consider signing up. We've chosen the Providers with great care and both Courses are outstanding value.

Our second major project is to visit every Doctors Surgery in the wider Kendal area to make sure that local Doctors understand and realise the potential that joining U3A has to transform the health and wellbeing of the elderly. I've already approached some Doctors and they are receptive to information about our activities, especially the opportunities we give to the lonely and the less active.

If you are prepared to discuss this project with your Medical Practice please contact me. I can give advice on how to go about this interesting and worthwhile endeavour and will provide you with back issues of our Newsletter, etc.

Please contact me immediately. we can do much good work for the benefit of our community.

May 2019

EMAIL ME FOR MY NEWSLETTER (gives lots of info on this Group and on 'Mem. Experiences').
In January we booked the Main Hall at Castle Street for our Inaugural Meeting where we sat enthralled as three excellent speakers informed and entertained us. Our thanks to Alison Marsden who demonstrated The Alexander Technique, to Mike Venet with whom we Meditated and to Margaret Gunning who spoke of her work as a psychotherapist.   

In February our Private coach took 26 of us to Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, where Dr. Michael Mosley held us spellbound with his talk 'Trust Fast Health'. A number of Members are following his new '800' diet and I hear glowing reports of much weight lost but energy gained!

Honeybees, one of the world's most important pollinators and one of the most wonderful, intelligent and endearing, are declining ultra-rapidly thanks to diseases and environmental degradation. Two leading Beekeepers from Lune Valley Beekeepers will demonstrate to us 'Natural' Beekeeping, a new-to-Britain system whereby bees can be kept healthy. We'll also learn which plants are most beneficial to pollinators and how to keep bees in our gardens and get honey or never, ever, go near the hive - although the honey is then for the bees! HELP SAVE THE BEES and gain a fascinating hobby!
1st day at Stone Cross Manor Hotel, Kendal. Second day hands-on at Lune Valley Apiary, Lancaster. Astonishing value because Lune Valley are a Charity dedicated to beekeeping education. So only £80 TOTAL (including good lunches both days and refreshments)!!

PREPARING AND SHARING HEALTHY MEALS. You prepare a meal in your home for two or three Members then it's their turn to provide the meal. Email me saying 'Count me in' or 'Tell me more about the healthy eating Group'. 

You don't need to attend all Events; choose only those which appeal. Phone or email Donald for
further details or to book. Happy to arrange a lift or travel companion. Why not bring a friend?


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