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Wine Appreciation 2

Meeting Details

Meeting Day4th Thursday
Time2.00 pm
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Lesley Sellar & Barbara Mason

What we do

Our group began in January 2002 and has built up to a very friendly group who have great fun "traveling the world" finding out about the different Wines and the Countries that they come from. Sometimes we have a slide film show to give a better idea of what a country is like. This included our own English wine industry, which some people know little about. We aim to enjoy tasting 4 to 5 different wines to learn and discover which of the world's grapes we like best. Some people enjoy taking notes for future reference while others just relax and enjoy the experience and the congenial company. Our Christmas Party (involving some additional cost) is always a very jolly affair and on this day it is recommended to use public transport. The group at 30 members is fully subscribed at the moment but we have waiting list in operation for those wishing to join us in the future. People on the waiting list can take part in meetings that are not fully attended. There is a charge of £3 to £5 per meeting.


May 2018

We have continued to enjoy presentations by members with a selection of from Languedoc/Rousillon  in November and in January wines from Beaujolais and Gaillac.
Thanks to all the presenters this year during Barbara's enforced absence

We had our usual Christmas lunch at Abbot Hall with a four course meal with an aperitif, wines with each course and finishing with cheese and biscuits accompanied by port. Unfortunately Barbara could not attend so a meals on wheels was put in place so she could enjoy the food and her wine choices at home later.

Our last meeting is in May and we start again in September
New members are welcome. Please contact Lesley.

November 2017

Wine Group2  has had two meetings this season, the first a joint presentation by two of our group of wines from the Wine Society selection and our latest a blind tasting of white and red wines by another member of the group.
We often find that not everybody can attend a meeting so if you are interested a call to our co-ordinator may be to your advantage as we no longer have a waiting list

July 2017

We have enjoyed a diverse selection of wines this year
At our April meeting we tasted wines from areas of Australia and New Zealand where the presenter had recently been.
Our 'end of term' was a dinner at Kendal Golf Club on a fine evening where the excellent food was accompanied by a wine for each course. An interesting selection of wines had been chosen by Barbara with an aperitif of dry Madeira and port to finish the celebration
Our meetings will recommence in September.
We are currently full but have no waiting list and would be happy to accommodate visitors who would like to try a meeting.

March 2017

We finished 2016 with a Christmas meal with a wine for each course. January's meeting tasted wines made from the viognier grape and three blended wines with the Cabernet Franc grape and very interesting to try. February had a selection of wines made from lesser known grapes mainly from Italy.

We currently have a full membership.

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