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World History

Meeting Details

Meeting Day1st Monday
Time2.00 – 4.00
FrequencyBi-monthly, December, February, April, June, August and October
LocationAbbot Hall Social Centre
Co-ordinator(s)Chris Shearin

What we do

We are a group with an interest in all aspects of World History.  Meetings are informal with a presentation and discussion format.

Our first subject of study is the Pacific; Ocean, Rim, Islands and Connections. The subject presents a challenge as it has not been extensively studied putting us ahead of the curve, which is really interesting and exciting. We have found that so far our members all have different interests and perspectives to share and our initial programme starts from who and where we are.


November 2018

Programme Winter 2018 / Spring 2019.

3rd December – The Islands of the South Pacific, past, present and future

4th February – A history of Vietnam

1st April - TBC - between Vietnam and the Vietnam war and West Coast Americas since 1492


August 2018

Our current area of study is the Pacific, which is no small challenge!  Please contact the co-ordinator for more information.

Our Summer/Autumn programme of meetings is:-

6th August : Pacific America before Columbus

1st October : The Pacific Fur Trade between Russia and America

3rd December : TBC between the history of Vietnam and a history of the Pacific Islands

May 2018

We will continue with our exploration of the pacific with histories of: Vietnam, The Americas (north and south) and Korea (north and south).The order will be discussed at the April meeting.

November 2017

Upcoming sessions for the Winter/Spring of 2018 are:

Monday 4th December - Religions of the Pacific and their impact on attitudes and politics.

Monday 5th February – A brief history of Japan

*Monday 9th April – tbc one or other of ‘A focus on Vietnam / or a focus on Korea’

Monday 4th June – tbc one or other of ‘A focus on Korea / a focus on Vietnam’.

*Please note that this meeting is one week later than usual as Easter Monday falls on the first Monday of April.


New members are welcome and if you would like to join, please contact the group co-ordinator.

July 2017

We are currently focusing on the Pacific World and our upcoming programme will be:

2 Oct: China; a focus on environmental history including water security and Tibet.

4 Dec: Religions of the Pacific and their impacts on pacific societies, culture and politics

If you'd like to join, please contact the group co-ordinator.

March 2017

We are currently focusing on the Pacific. Sessions will be:-

3 Apr - China’s relationship with South America, Past, Present and Future

5 Jun - Religion around the Pacific Rim – impacts on politics, rights, environment

7 Aug - This session and future programme to be discussed at the April meeting

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