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Lockdown Lessons


Never eat any part of a bat

A dog, a mouse, a cat or rat


Never taste the pangolin

Not lightly grilled nor from a tin


Clap for Carers at the garden gate

Avoid being an enemy of the state


Boris is risen! Oh what a joy

Now he has another little boy


If you go on the beach at Brighton 

Alcohol is an essential item 


Please Stay safe is all we ask

If you’re paranoid wear a mask


Wash your hands to “God save the Queen”

Who knows where your hands have been


I’m slightly bereft I have no goals

I’ve run out of space for toilet rolls


The absence of sport is such a stinker

But at least we’re rid of Gary Lineker


Always stay two metres apart

So much easier to avoid the fart


Finally at the bottom of my list

Never trust a Communist

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