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Lockdown Hope

Remember the day, the eighth of May
Nineteen and forty and five
‘Rejoice and be hearty – join a street party
Be thankful that you are alive’

Remember the cost of countrymen lost
In battles so we could be free
Family’s despair at his empty chair
Sacrificed lives for V. E.

Seventy five years since that blood, sweat and tears
It was going to be a great celebration
But in countryside and town, there’s been a lockdown
For a virus has swept over the nation.

There is no vaccine for this Covid 19
So the government has laid down strict rules
There’s specific insistence to engage social distance
No sport, no church and no schools

There’re streets with no cars, closed restaurants and bars
Few on buses and near empty trains
And most flying’s outlawed as there’s lockdown abroad
So airlines are grounding their planes

Old folk on their own shut in their home
Like prisoners incarcerated
Locked in their cages for what could be ages
Lonely and so isolated

Volunteers go to war, doctors, nurses and more
Each with their own expertise
Though of dangers aware, they selflessly care
To fight the invisible disease


Those heroes of old, if they could behold
Key workers in their situation
In the virus gunfire, they would greatly admire
The spirit of determination


The nations’ health is impacting its wealth
The poor chancellor’s doing his best
A difference he’s made with all kinds of aid
From the governments virus war chest


There’s a number called R which determines how far
The constraints have limited the spread
For all are desirous to ward off the virus
So an ordinary life can be led


As we compare and contrast, today with the past
We remember the folk who have died
Our society shaken, innocent lives taken
Final hours with loved ones denied


It’s very hard to cope but we all live in hope
That a vaccine good news will convey
We’d be exhilarated, - the Virus Eliminated
And celebrate a new V. E. day

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