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My Lockdown Garden

With the order of the day being ‘Stay at home’
And many restrictions on where I could roam
I look back with thanks on the time years ago
When age and infirmity had started to show

When decisions were made that I should downsize
I fully agreed that it really was wise
I insisted I must have a garden to tend
Where many a happy hour I could spend

It was not to be a great big estate
With immaculate lawns and a wrought iron gate
But a little neat plot especially designed
With the needs of an elderly lady in mind

But back at that time I couldn’t foresee
Just what a great blessing that garden would be
For I still have that space where I wander quite free
And can still notice such things as each species of bee

I photo each flower as it comes into bloom
And have started to master my new cameras zoom
I can tackle each weed as it dares show its face
And hunt out the ones that are harder to trace

I can chat to the people who pass by my way
If only to offer the time of the day
But although this ‘lockdown’ would not be my choice
With thanks to my garden I still can rejoice


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