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A Dry-stone Wall.

Our Lake District views are stunning from wherever we stand and stare

And the hills are the main attraction for all who come to share

But if we all stand for a while

As we cross over a stile

We would see that they are framed in a variety of shapes

Made up from the dry-stone walls.


They seem to be as old as the hills themselves with the lichen and moss on the stone

But only two centuries ago our landowners turned to the ‘wallers’ to get the job done

So its a legacy to them that the land that they ‘penned’

With such skill and hard work to the end

They are still there for us all to admire

The dry-stone walls.


These are monuments on our land which deserve to all stand for another two hundred years

With their ‘hogg-holes’ and ‘smoots’ and gateways for routes for the farmers to use without fears

Of losing their stock or sheltering their flock

From the weather we all know gives a knock

Such that at sometime we all need the lee

Of a dry-stone wall


The stones came from each field which went on to yield the produce that we all enjoy

And the hard work that went on is still being done by the farmers and staff they employ

The ‘footing stones’ and ‘throughs’ and the ‘top stones’ construed

Are built skilfully, not crude

Without cement as one might think

For a dry-stone wall.

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