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We are well-behaved in our house


We are well-behaved in our house;

Staying home is what we do.

That way we’re saving lives, we’re told,

To home we stick like glue


‘It’s quarantine for you’ they say;

‘With us you must agree

You’re old and frail, well past it

It’s plain for all to see’


To explore the great outdoors?

No possibility!

But there’s a little rebel in my soul

That’s dying to be free


It’s on the lookout for a chance

To break for liberty.

To escape the bonds of lockdown,

Live more dangerously!


And yesterday, the pressure told -

A glorious sunny day.

Too nice to obey the lockdown rule,

It was time to get away


My wife though had espied me -

She bellowed at full force:

‘Go through that gate, you’re dead meat

And heading for divorce’


I didn’t stop immediately -

It was a tough decision.

Freedom on a sunny day,

Or matrimonial division?


Common sense took over,

The situation I appraised.

50 years of marriage ended?

There’d be other sunny days!


The moral of this tale is clear.

Behave well. Avoid strife -

Whether from ‘them’ or her indoors,

Stay in to save your life!


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