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Kendal Bells


Some talk of Spanish ‘flu

And some of bubonic plague

And some of Sars infection

And other viruses vague

But of all the world’s diseases,

There are none quite so morbid

With its fever and sneezes

Coughs and wheezes

As rampant 19 Covid


Some talk of toilet rolls

And some of stringent gel

And some of paracetamol

And tinned tomatoes as well

But of all the elusive items

Which Kendalians seek to scour

Using Click and Collect

And other means to detect

Is a bag of plain flour


Some talk of wearing masks

And of nylon dungarees

And some of soap and water

And some of Vitamin D

But of all the protective ways

That people seek to secure

Alas the artful prattle

From Boris, Raab and Patel

Does little to reassure



Inspired by listening to the bells of Kendal Town Hall playing their favourite refrain!



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