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1st lockdown end March -negative thoughts

Claustrophobic, catastrophic confinement leads to

Obligatory obedience to offensive

Restrictions- respecting the rapid and relentless

Obvious obliteration of ordinary life.

Normal, natural, nourishing

Activities and adventures are suspended while

Vital ventilation is avoided. We are

Irritated by the isolation imposed as

Rational behaviour rapidly retreats.

Unsettled we find restrictions are unpopular but keep

Safe, in solitude, stuck for the summer season.

2nd lockdown mid April -feeling more positive

Challenged now to concentrate on new

Opportunities and opinions we are

Ringfenced from risk and

Overawed on occasion to admire the

Nobility and nurture of the NHS and others, so

Assiduous and attentive to us aged. We feel

Valued in so many various ways, and view the

Intention to influence events ideally with

Respect and reasonableness, but restlessly. We

Understand the unifying, unsettling

Sufficiency of the solution to survive with serenity.


3rd Lockdown early May- balance achieved, status quo

Certain now of economic collapse,

Oppressed by obvious ostracization,

Reeling from relentless restrictions,

Objecting to obligatory isolation,

Newly suspicious of nefarious visitors,

Appalled by news of abject domestic abuse.


Valueing visionary vaccine trials,

Illuminated by care-workers immense dedication,

Refreshed by respect for us retirees

Understanding ubiquitous social distancing,

Settling into sedentary solitude for survival.

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