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Learning a new language


We all love learning, it’s what U3A is about,

but I for one didn’t sign up

to learn a new language this year.

So I’m doing my best, but have to admit

I’m struggling.


There’s so much new vocabulary to learn

- social distancing, lockdown

self-isolation and shielding.

Not to mention R-rate and PPE.

It’s all baffling.


The new phrases are equally perplexing

- herd immunity, viral load,

flattening the curve, the new normal,

And that’s just to highlight a few

that confuse me.


And beware getting caught out

by words that look quite familiar

- quarantine, furlough

second wave, the front line

all now have new meaning.


Plus the rules of this language are tough,

singing while washing your hands,

covering your face when out,

standing broom-width apart,

It’s a surreal new world.


But let’s not forget our old language

while we’re striving to learn the new,

Words like friendship, concern,

support and hope still matter.

Languages adapt and so will we.

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