Group Meetings

Most meetings are now closed, but some are opening up in  line with goverment recommendations.
See the Groups page.

Some Groups are running virtual meetings using Zoom.  The free Zoom facility can be used, but it has a 40 minute time limit.  To avoid this we have set up a shared Zoom facility, which does not have the time limit.  If your Group would like to use it, please check the Zoom Diary and contact the Webmaster . If your preferred slot is already taken, it may be possible to arrange a second slot for the same time.

Monthly Meetings

Virtual Meetings

There are regular Zoom meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10.00am.  Details will be sent by email a few days before each meeting.

There are no meetings in June, July and August. The next meeting will be 15 September (possibly a live meeting)

April Monthly Meeting

The April meeting was well attended with three very interesting members with a range of subjects.

Music Therapy for people with serious mental illness, a personal account of attending a wedding in Botswana and a compilation of folk songs and stories.

The next meeting will be the AGM on Wednesday 19 May at 10.00am. The formal business will be followed by a talk on the Natural History of the Honeybee.

March Monthly Meeting

Another well attended meeting with three very interesting speakers giving us an insight into the introduction of gas lighting in Kendal in the early nineteenth century, its development and social impact. This was followed by walking coast to coast across northern England via Hadrians Wall and St Cuthberts Way ending on Lindisfarne. Finally a look at the tides of Morecambe Bay which have the second highest tidal range in the UK after the Bristol Channel. 
View the video of the Bore on river Bela

For anyone who would like to see some exceptional high tides Mike Warren has kindly provided the following information.

Tides worth watching (with caveats)

30th March 13.39 (BST) 10.08 metres
31st March 14.23 (BST) 10.04 metres
28th April 13.20 (BST) 10.09 metres

Arnside around midday (BST), 13.00 (BST) and 11.50 (BST) for the bore, respectively.

The second monthly Zoom meeting took place on 17 February.

Here are some references from Ian James talk on  Thomas Bridges and the Indians of Tierra del Fuego

E. Lucas Bridges (1947): Uttermost part of the Earth: Indians of Tierra del Fuego.  (I found copies advertised on Amazon, so it is still available)

I also drew on  chapters 62 et seq  in: Bruce Chatwin (1977): In Patagonia

The next Month;y Meeting wiil be on Wednesday 17 March at 10.00.  Speakers have been arranged, but if you could give a short talk at a future meeting, please contact Mark Miller

The first monthly Zoom meeting in January went very well and was fully subscribed with 100 people in attendance, I know that a number of you were unable to join in as you wished. To overcome this we have increased the capacity of our Zoom account so that we should now be able to accommodate up to 500 people. A number of you have requested that we provide a video of the meeting but for a number of reasons we do not feel able to do that at the moment.

The next meeting will take place on Zoom at 10.00am on Wednesday 17 February. The meeting will be available to join from 9.45am.  Everybody who joins will be automatically muted. Anybody who is unfamiliar with Zoom and who would like some help in advance please contact Susan Heyes of our Computer Group who will be happy to help at .

We are changing the format slightly from last time there will now be three speakers with the opportunity to ask questions after each talk and a short question and answer session with the chair.

All of the speakers are members of South Lakes U3A and we are very grateful to them for volunteering, if anybody would like to make a contribution to a future meeting please contact Mark Miller

The question and answer session with the Chair is intended to help provide an opportunity for members to ask any questions that they wish or make any suggestions that they think would be helpful. Of necessity it needs to be time limited but if it’s popular then we will repeat it in future.

Finally a quick word about asking questions, with such a large number of participants its very difficult for the Chair to see what is going on in the “audience” consequently we ask that all the points that you would like to make are submitted through Zoom.

I hope that you will be able to join us next week.

David Little - Chairman

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