Monthly Meeting - Questions

Our monthly meetings may have a large number of members attending each meeting. When it comes to questions the Chair (host in Zoom world) needs to be able to identify who would like to speak. Typically they may be looking at a screen with about 25 small images and there may be four or more screens one after another. It is not practical to try and scan multiple screens to see if anyone is trying to attract the Chair’s attention to ask a question so we need to rely on using the functions provided by Zoom.

It is also important to remember that the name that appears on Zoom when you log into the meeting will be the one that has been given to your tablet or computer, sometimes these may relate to a partner or something else entirely.

Some members are new to using Zoom while others are much more experienced, this is a guide to the way that you can submit a question to the Chair, the terms used are those that Zoom uses.

Questions using “Chat”

While someone is speaking any other participant has the opportunity to type a question using the “Chat” facility, this has the advantage that it doesn’t interfere with the flow of the meeting but can be easily identified by the Chair who can then pose the question on your behalf when the speaker has finished.

There are many different devices and systems used by our members to access Zoom and they may all look slightly different so it’s difficult to give precise instructions however they do have common features. If you touch or click on your screen then either at the top or the bottom you should see a row of icons, this may include the Chat function or you may need to access this by using the one showing three dots which when you touch or hover over it will say “more”.

Once you have selected “Chat” simply type the question that you want to ask and the Chair will be able to see it.

If you need any more information on Zoom please contact who will be pleased to help.

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