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Anyone interested in free cycle training to help you feel more confident when cycling?
You may be interested in these FREE Bikeability Cycle Training courses being organised by Kendal Cycling Club in partnership with SLDC, with specialist trainers from Cyclewise.

The courses run over 4 weekend's, 19th or 26 June or 10 or 19th July.
Details of the training are at where you can book a free place.
If you want to increase your cycling confidence in a supportive setting then why not sign up?

The Bikeability website gives more detail to help you choose a course to suit you, perhaps level 2 or 3, see  

N.B. The national 'Bikeability scheme' is similar to the old 'Cycling Proficiency Scheme' that many of us might have done at primary school!

Forwarded by  Peter Deaville, SL U3A Moderate Cycle Group Coordinator

Posted on 11 June 2021


The committee have agreed to adopt the direct debit system as a method of collecting subscriptions.

The direct debit will be generated automatically each year, at the correct subscription rate, and so is more convenient than the current method of payment by standing order, which involves members in changing the order whenever our subscription rate changes (or should SLU3A change bankers).

This need to change standing orders also causes many administrative problems for those committee members dealing with subscriptions and a move towards direct debits will greatly ease their work.

The other existing methods of payment (by cheque or bank transfer) need to be repeated each year; which will not be necessary with direct debits.

During June, members on e-mail will be sent guidance on how to sign up.

This will consist of a simple process of following a link and inputting name, email address and basic bank details (only those already shown on cards and cheques). All these details will be held securely by our partner, Smart Debit – the UK’s leading direct debit provider.

Prior notice of each direct debit will be given and the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme means that any amount taken in error will be readily refunded. Members can also cancel their direct debit at any time.

Members whose bank already pays their subscription automatically each year will be paying by standing order, not direct debit. To avoid paying twice, these members will need to cancel their standing order with the bank once they have signed up to direct debits.

The committee hope that as many members as possible will sign up to this new system, as they feel that it will greatly ease subscription collections, and provide more flexibility, in the future.

Ian Powell - Treasurer

Posted on 22 May 2021


The virtual AGM was held on 19 May at 10.00.

The Minutes and Financial Statement are now on the Documents page.

Posted on 19 May 2021


The May National Newsletter can be read Here

You can get regular Newsletters emailed to you by subscribing at There is no charge.

Posted on 22 May 2021


Read the latest issue of the National Newsletter Express

Posted on 14 May 2021


The April Newsletter has been emailed to members. It can to viewed on the Members Page.

Posted on 31 March 2021


The April edition of the Regional Newsletter is now available.

Posted on 7 April 2021


The pychology group have been listening to TED talks during their Zoom meetings, and they could be of interest to other members.
They can be found on the Psychology Group page.

If you are not familiar with TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) it is a media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan "ideas worth spreading"

Posted on 30 March 2021


During and after the Coordinators meeting on 3 March two group leaders asked if there was yet any official policy with regard to checking if members attending meetings have received a Coronavirus vaccination.

This was discussed by the Committee at their meeting on 9 March. There is, as yet, no formal guidance on this from Government or the Third Age Trust.

Pending any such developments the collective view of the Committee was that this has to be a matter of personal responsibility. Individuals must decide for themselves whether they feel safe to attend particular u3a events and Group Leaders must also decide if they feel comfortable about restarting their groups.

The committee felt that individuals are not in any position to guarantee the effectiveness of a vaccination either to themselves or others. Coordinators should not feel that they have to ascertain whether or not members have been vaccinated.

Groups will, of course, have to always take account of Government policy and also any specific requirements that may be imposed by the venues or businesses involved.

The Committee will keep this under review and take account of whatever advice is given by Government and the Third Age Trust.

David Little - Chairman

Posted on 13 March 2021


Ann Quintilla, Culture Trips coordinator, has some useful links on the Culture Trips group page.

Posted on 23 January 2021

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