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The Annual Accounts are now available on the Documents page..

In view of the Government's Coronavirus advice these accounts will only be independently examined once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted and therefore may be subject to change.

Posted on 18 May 2020


SLDC are publishing the Directory of Community Support and South Lakeland Newsletter It is intended they will be updated weekly.

Kendal Self Isolation Support is a  group of volunteers offering help to the isolated and vulnerable.  They are very active and have nearly 3000 members.  Details on their Facebook Page 

Lakes Medics, the Kendal-based first-aid specialist, is offering a free telephone service to vulnerable adults and the elderly during the coronavirus crisis, to promote the well-being of people needing to isolate and to alleviate the effects of loneliness. It is being run partly by volunteers. If you are interested in learning more check the Lakes Medics web site or call 01539 232999.

Posted on 14 May 2020


The Science & Technology Group has started the Knowledge Bank, a repository of interesting articles and websites, and recommended books.   The items will be contributed only by South Lakes S &T Group Members, but can be accessed by all. 

Posted on 3 May 2020


As a means of light entertainment during our enforced lock down, I would like to offer a challenge to you all. You don’t have to be in any specific group to enter, just be a member of South Lakes U3A. 

The themes will be:-

Poetry - ‘Life in Lockdown’
 - The entries can be anything from an amusing ditty or Limerick to a deep and meaningful Elegy.

Prose – Short Story – ‘Lockdown’
 - A short Story with a connection to the present lockdown. Maximum length 2 A4 sides

Photography - ‘The garden in lockdown’
– Anything from a snapshot of a favorite flower to a graphic image of your own hide away space for meditation and reflection.

Starting date 1st May closing date 30th June

All U3A Members are welcome to email their poems, photographs and prose to   The entries will be anonymous on the website, so please don’t add your name to your entry but give it a title. Only the organisers  will know your email address (and will not disclose it).
1 entry per category per person.
They will be viewable at

Voting between 1st and 12th July
You will be asked to vote only once in each category
The number of votes will be counted and a short list of the top 3 in each category selected. The final winners will be declared 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each group. The winners will be anounced by 31st July 2020.

For any added information needed please contact Hilary Claxton

Hilary Claxton

Posted on 29 April 2020


Three members (treasurer Ian Fishwick, membership secretary Cath Sharpe and chair Bob Wells) were due retire from the Committee at the next AGM which, before the virus crisis, was planned for the 20 May 2020. Other members of the Committee have helpfully indicated that they are prepared to continue in office (subject to a confirmatory vote at an AGM).

We have been very fortunate to find volunteers who are willing to fill the vacancies. Our three heroes are Kate Kohn, nominated for membership secretary, David Little for chair and Ian Powell for treasurer. All three have already been co-opted to the Committee so that they can become familiar with the other individuals and the work involved. Of course, this is not easy to do during lockdown.

To allow the newcomers to get their feet under the table before the new subscription year in September, which is normally the busiest time, the retirees will formally resign from the Committee in May and the newcomers will become ‘acting’ officers pending the AGM (whenever that can be). The AGM will eventually provide an opportunity for a confirmatory vote (or an alternative nomination).

This procedure has been developed to enable SLU3A to function as effectively as possible without straying from the spirit of our constitution and the requirements placed on a registered charity.

I know that the retirees are ready to support their successors when we are able to restart activities. Please be tolerant of any glitches that might occur because of the unprecedented circumstances that we are facing, but do feel free to contact Committee members with your comments and suggestions.

New contact details will be on the Members Page by 20 May (a password is required),

Following normal practice, the annual financial statement will be posted on the website in May together with the chair’s report for 2019/20.

If you know of any SLU3A member who does not use the internet then please pass this information on to them.

Bob Wells

Posted on 28 April 2020


The April National Newsletter can be read Here

Posted on 14 April 2020


Mostl Group Reports are dormant, but here are a few

Culture Trips

Rag Rugging

Saturday Lunch Club

Country Dancing

If your Group has news for your members or would like to tell us how your Group is adjusting to Covid-19, use the Contact Form , email or Beacon to send details.

Posted on 8 April 2020


A number of members have suggested that as no activities are taking place the annual membership fee of £9 should be used to cover a longer period than the normal 12 months. Effectively this would either mean extending the membership year by changing the renewal date or reducing the subscription for next year on a pro rata basis.

The bulk of the membership fees are spent on payments to National U3A for membership, insurance, Third age Trust newsletter and database services. In addition they also cover the costs of publication and distribution of our annual yearbook. Details of these Costs can be seen in the historic accounts on the website and in the current years accounts which will be published shortly. No extension is being granted by the National body, we do not have unlimited reserves and we are required by the Charities Commission to behave in a financially prudent manner.

Consequently the committee have decided that we are unable to agree to any extension to the period covered by the membership fee under the present circumstances. We hope that members will understand the reasons for this and support all our efforts to survive this unprecedented  crisis and recover our normal activities as soon as possible.

Posted on 8 April 2020


In a normal year any new member joining SLU3A after the end of March would pay a reduced rate to cover the period between then and the renewal date of 1st September.

At the moment normal SLU3A activities are suspended until the current Coronavirus crisis is resolved. The committee have therefore decided that it would be unreasonable to accept new members until the start of the new period in September so until we can resume our normal activities membership is effectively closed to new entrants.

Posted on 8 April 2020


During these unprecedented times, the Third Age Trust has been looking at different ways to support our amazing U3A community. We wanted to enable and support U3As, members and Interest Group leaders, to stay active and connected with each other.

To this end, from today, Monday 6 April 2020, we have launched three online discussion forums so that you can share ideas and support each other. Thanks to the Beacon users, we are doing this by extending the existing (and successful) Beacon User Forum to all U3As, regardless of whether or not you are using the Beacon management system at your U3A yet.

It is easy to get started. All you need to do is visit the forum website at, click the ‘register’ button and fill in your details.
From there you will be able to explore the forums and get involved in the discussion.

If you are not familiar with online forums, we have prepared a how-to guide to help you get started. We welcome your feedback on the guide.   Your feedback will help us develop our guide which will be available on the national website in the next few days.

There will be three forums that you can join:

Learning – discussions around subjects and all forms of interest and learning
Our U3A Community – discussions arounds how we support each other
Beacon – discussions around using Beacon, the U3A management system

This is just an outline of what the forums are about because it will be led and developed by you when you join and the conversations that are happening.

A volunteer team will moderate the site and support you to use the forums in a safe, positive and productive way.

Posted on 8 April 2020

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