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Grange U3A have produced a new list of Groups in Grange, Furness and Ambleside.  It may be of interest if you would like to join a group which is not available in South Lakes U3A.  It can be seen at U3A Groups List

There are useful links to U3As in the Region on our Wider Horizons page.

Posted on 30 November 2018


My last ‘Letter’ attempted to highlight the vital role of volunteers in the U3A organisation and called for more group coordinators. I am therefore delighted that, in this newsletter, you will find details of several new groups some of which have already got off to a good start.

This is perhaps an appropriate time to point out that, by the time of the AGM in May, there will be at least two vacancies on the Committee: Assistant Membership Secretary (Beacon Database administrator), Assistant Secretary. Anything you can do to avoid an embarrassing silence at the AGM would be much appreciated. A report that Workington U3A has had to be wound up because they could not find volunteers to form a committee is sobering. Please don’t let that happen to South Lakes.

Our successful Open Morning in the Town Hall was honoured with visits from the Lord Lieutenant of Cumbria, Mrs Claire Hensman, and the Deputy Mayor of Kendal, Clr Alvin Finch. Very many thanks to Chris Needham who masterminded the proceedings and worked so hard to make things go to her excellent plan. We were particularly pleased to welcome 72 new applicants on the day so our total membership is now approaching 1400.

Ironically, the increasing membership creates some difficulties. Several of our groups are now over-subscribed and there are some long, seemingly-static, waiting lists. Also, Ann Quintilla is struggling to squeeze all the groups’ material into her magnificent Newsletter. Adding pages will inevitably push up costs, especially if we incur postage charges for the significant number beyond the reach of our super hand-delivery team.

Eventually we will have to raise fees and the Committee would welcome your feedback on whether this should be done by raising the annual membership fee (currently only £9) or by raising the modest meeting fee (£1) - or both.  The disadvantage of raising the annual fee is that it would become a nightmare to chase those who fail to change their standing orders correctly. (Direct debits are not an option for organisations of our size.) The disadvantage of an increase in the meeting fee is that coordinators will inevitably face regular problems collecting an odd amount from those that arrive without the right change.

Please let the Committee know what you think about this and, indeed, any other matter that affects the success of our organisation.


Posted on 20 November 2018


Mah Jongg - A new Group  has been formed to play this game.  First meeting Friday 30 November see Mah Jongg Group page.

Wellbeing (Physical, Mental & Spiritual) - A new Group for all who seek a path to health, happiness and a flourishing life.  Inaugural Meeting -  Monday 7 January Details on Wellbeing Group page.

The following groups are now running:-

Yoga - Yoga Group page.

Jive - Jive Group page.

Pilates - Pilates Group page.

Digital Photography - Digital Photography Group page

Posted on 12 November 2018


In 2012 David Tiffin initiated the collection of donations to Kendal Mountain Rescue Team from walking group members in lieu of the traditional £1 meeting fee. By 13th May 2018,  David had passed a grand total of £8380.78 to the Team (£1470.12 in the preceding 12 months).  David and Kay have now left Kendal to be closer to family (and to walk in the Peak District). We wish them well and record our very grateful thanks for all their sterling service to SLU3A.

Ian Hatton has kindly agreed to take over David's Mountain Rescue collection duties.  Please walkers give him plenty of support.   It should be noted that Mountain Rescue have, on occasion, come to the aid of SLU3A groups.

Posted on 8 November 2018

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