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Occasional Seminars

What are the seminars?

The Seminars are an opportunity for members to talk about the topics that interest them – and it is amazing how wide the range of topics can be. Some of the Seminars have led to the formation of regular groups – e.g. Philosophy and American History – others have just provided a fascinating morning for all those who have attended, for example the experiences of evacuees and Alan Hills experiences on Christmas Island

Unless otherwise stated the Seminars are held on Wednesday mornings, 10 am (refreshments from 9.45) at Abbot Hall Social Centre, Dowker Lane. The format is usually a presentation followed by questions and discussion – but it’s all very informal and flexible depending on the topic.

Everyone in U3A is always very welcome to come along and we look forward to seeing you.
For more information contact the coordinator Terry McIntee.

Future Seminars

Previous Seminars

The Last (the very last!) Occasional Seminar.

On 8 Feb over 45 Members came to hear Jane Panton's excellent talk entitled: The German Conundrum.

This interesting presentation evoked a stimulating discussion. It was a fitting Finale!

All Good Things Must Come to an End!

'Occasional Seminars' was a brilliant idea, when conceived by Jackie Hinton and Bill Shepherd 15 years ago, for members to share interests not covered by other groups. Over the years SLU3A has changed considerably. At that time there were 30 Groups now there are 70. There were 300 members, now there are over 1,200 and most interests are covered. As a result the need for Occasional Seminars has diminished and it is increasingly difficult to get speakers.

So, after much thought, I decided it was time to draw a line under Occasional Seminars.

If anyone is prepared to take over plenty of help is available.

A Brief  History

Jackie and Bill were the first co-ordinators. In 2007 Bill was replaced by Mary Christian who continued with Jackie until I replaced her in 2010 and became sole coordinator in 2011. Grant Bramwell took over for a brief spell in 2009. 

I would like to thank Jackie and Bill for originating this wonderful Series and for their and Mary's work as coordinators; Grant for his contribution; Ann Quintilla (and her predecessors) for always giving Occasional Seminars prominence in the Newsletter; the many hundreds of Members who have supported Occasional Seminars: and, of course, all the wonderful Presenters (too many to name) who have given their time and talent to entertain, inform, and delight us over the years.

Unfortunately, due to building work at AHSC, the March meeting had to be cancelled. I informed co-ordinators at the Annual Co-ordinators Afternoon Tea and announced it at the February Seminar. I apologise to those who did not hear the news and turned up in March.

Terry McIntee

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